Sous les fraises® is a pioneer company specializing in the organic food production in an urban area.

Stemming from the ongoing collaborative research between agronomists, chefs, architects, urban planners, and city-dwellers, Sous Les Fraises puts in place biotechnologies adapted to the built environment. We strive for water and waste management with the aim of food production for the city.

We work with the gastronomy world by producing as close to the consumer as possible. This is important in order to garantee a fresh harvest of organic, clean produce with all its flavo​u​r still intact and the highest nutritional value achievable. We also collaborate with governments and private companies to green up the cities and contribute to a richer, more productive, and healthier environment.

“Fresh harvest for organic, clean produce (and) Green up cities”

Our know-how comes from our agronomic experience allowing us to pursue the organic cultivation of rare and/or forgotten exotic plants. In fact, the fruit of our labor enables us to offer 300+ varieties of aromatic plants, edible flowers, vegetables, and small fruits all grown for their taste and character.

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